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About Us


Founded in 2011, ICEBM's articles of incorporation speak to a number of purposes including enabling its members to act as a core pool of competencies for the design, development and implementation of evaluation and adjudication services to ensure that quality assurance standards are met within continuing medical education (CME) programmes, events and derived products related to evidence based medicine (EBM) practices. Our goal is the education of health care professionals on best patient-oriented medical practice and promotion of the highest quality of patient care using best evidence.

Our members and educational faculty comprise nationally and internationally recognized evidence-based medicine and medical education experts from leading university medical schools across Canada and the United States. Many of our members contribute to the development of clinical practice guidelines in different disease areas.

As academic researchers, practicing clinicians and medical educators, we are experienced in the critical review and evaluation of published clinical evidence. We work with the highest strength of evidence to develop clinical support tools, and live and on-demand patient-oriented CPD/CME programs.

In addition, when developing the educational content for our CPD/CME programs, we work closely with national and international disease-therapeutic specialty consultants and other allied healthcare providers, as necessary.

Most importantly, we are recognized as a highly credible and trusted source of evidence-based medical knowledge meeting all the criteria as a medical education provider.

Governance Structure

ICEBM's activities and affairs are governed by a multidisciplinary board of directors elected annually by the voting members at ICEBM's annual general meeting. The directors of ICEBM supervise the management of the activities and affairs of the Corporation.

The directors are headed by an Executive Director, who is a managing director as defined under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act responsible for the day-to-day activities and affairs of the Corporation.