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What Makes Us Unique

Our Approach

We think that it is important to distinguish ourselves from for-profit Communications and CPD agencies as we value the third party role and process in creating unbiased CME programs and, in a conscious way, serving and informing research, education and practice as they evolve. Our approach is to:

  • Work from the belief that evidence is the expert

  • Focus on important knowledge gaps and clinical challenges in each disease area to ensure our programs and support tools address demonstrated learning needs

  • Emphasize patient-oriented evidence

  • Emphasize key clinical questions that result from patient questions, when designing clinical support tools, treatment protocols, therapeutic recommendations and CME/CPD

  • Use latest on-line technologies for effective knowledge transfer

  • Incorporate extended learning exercises to reinforce new learning and encourage its clinical application

Services We Provide

  • Invest in deep needs assessments to determine learning objectives for programs based on perceived and unperceived needs (surveys, literature reviews, chart audits and KOL opinion)

  • Determine strategic approaches to bring relevant evidence-based research and critically appraised medical topics to the right audience in the optimal format

  • Develop innovative ways and means for effective knowledge transfer to effect clinical change and support clinical decision-making

  • Design and develop innovative content for varying approaches to certified and accredited CPD/CME learning

  • Create initiatives that result in greater reinforcement

  • Develop, recruit, and manage Advisory Boards, Scientific Planning Committees

  • Develop and implement Train-the-Trainer programs

  • Create, administer and co-ordinate certified and accredited virtual and live small-group learning sessions and conferences

  • Supply on-line on-demand CPD/CME programs along with technical support regarding implementation